John Powers School

The John Powers School of Strafford Learning Center is an alternative learning environment for students in grades 1-8.  We primarily provides services for students who require specialized education due to serious emotional/behavioral disorders.  Many of our students have also been identified as having learning disabilities, speech and language impairments, sensory dysregulation, and neurological/medical concerns such as ADHD.

The highly trained staff at John Powers School (JPS) work together to provide a consistent, structured setting with a strong therapeutic component to address the underlying reasons each student is struggling in a traditional school environment.  We believe that every child deserves a positive and meaningful educational experience; all students should have the opportunity to excel and feel pride in their achievements. To accomplish this, we widen our focus to the whole child; the intellectual, social, emotional, and creative abilities each student possesses.  As a member of the JPS community, students will receive a rigorous and fun/engaging academic education while feeling the support of a high staff-to-child ratio; all staff being skilled at identifying and meeting social/emotional needs.

John Powers School and each one of the staff who run our program are deeply committed to children and their families.  Our goal is to help students learn the skills they need to increase success not only within the school setting, but also at home with the family and in the public domain.

What John Powers School has to offer:

  • Certified special educators and counselors
  • Highly skilled and trained support staff
  • Small, therapeutic setting with low student numbers and individualized supports
  • Staff to student ratio of 1:2
  • Rigorous, differentiated and engaging academics aligned to the Common Core and State Standards
  • Awareness of sensory triggers and needs; tools for regulation available throughout the school
  • Positive behavioral interventions and support
  • Direct instruction in social, emotional and behavioral skills
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Speech/language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy available as needed
  • Supportive transition services
  • Close family contact and support services
  • Certified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention