Wintery Weather Happens...

One of the difficulties inherent in hosting students from all over New Hampshire and Maine is that the weather can vary greatly from one town to the next.

To eliminate confusion regarding your home district vs JPS weather decisions here is the scoop:

  • We recommend everyone check the weather forecast regularly, so as not to be blindsided by a snow or ice event.

  • Whenever possible, JPS weather decisions will be made the night before an impending storm to allow parents time to plan. (That said, unexpected squalls or black ice issues can occur without notice).

  • We will post on Check under J for John Powers School AND under your home school district.

  • If your local schools are delayed or closed, your bus will respond accordingly (for instance, if Exeter has a 2-hour delay, the bus for Exeter students will pick up 2-hours later).

  • If your town cancels, but JPS does have school, your child will have an excused absence OR better yet—s/he can be marked present by participating remotely (Phase 2: Hybrid schedule). You are welcome to drive your child to and from school if you prefer (drop-off no earlier than 7:45, pickup no later than 2:00).

  • If JPS is closed for the day, all students are asked to follow the remote snow day schedule.

Last year, we had good success with using remote learning on days we could not be in the building. To strike a balance and give time for fun in the snow, we utilized a special snow day schedule. Given the success of that pilot, JPS has decided that whenever possible, weather cancelations will be remote school days (schedule to come soon). We will be keeping a close eye on upcoming weather, and will plan to send home Chromebooks when the possibility of inclement weather exists.